13317 NE 12th Ave, Suite 107, Vancouver WA 98685
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Our Technology

•  Infant exams - as young as 6 months old
•  Contact Lens specialty fittings
•  Map the curvature and length of your eyes
•  Dry Eye treatments
•  Cataract examination and co-management
•  Diabetic eye exams
•  Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
•  Macular Degeneration diagnosis and management
•  Emergency eye care: foreign object removal, eye infections
•  Pre and post-op LASIK care
•  Take a digital photograph of your eyes with OPTOMAP - no dilation drops needed!
•  Learn more about what the retinal camera does at the OPTOMAP site

Pretesting equipment for eye exam at eye care center in Vancouver, WA.
Optos eye exam equipment at eye care center in Vancouver, WA.
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